Food Safety

Food Handlers Permits

A Food Handlers Card is required to work in a food service establishment. An opportunity to obtain a food handlers card is provided through classroom instruction and testing on safe food handling procedures. Classes are taught throughout the year in both English and Spanish. Click here to view the 2015 Food Handlers Class Schedule.

All Food Service managers need to attend a Food Managers Certification Course. Click here to view the 2015 Food Managers Certification Course providers.

Permit Applications

Permits are obtained through contacting Leslie Freeman at 435-333-1510 or email to

Restaurant Restrictions

The Summit County Health Department wants to remind all restaurants and customers of regulations regarding animals on restaurant premises’. Federal food code (2009 FDA Food Code 6-501.115) prohibits animals in food establishments.

Click here for more information.


Foodborne Illness

Report a Foodborne Illness

Think something you ate might have made you sick? If so, then visit the new Utah Department of Health food-related illness website:

This online self-reporting system will allow the general public to report illnesses that may be related to food they consumed at home, restaurants, group gatherings, etc.

At, users can watch a brief video showing how the system works and complete a form indicating where food was consumed, what was eaten, and other potential high-risk exposures during the time period just before becoming ill.

All information submitted by users is confidential and will automatically be sent to the appropriate local health department. The information will be used by public health to determine whether food caused the reported illness and where the food may have originated. The sooner public health can receive the information and the more people they hear from, the more likely public health is to detect an outbreak, launch an investigation and stop it from spreading.

The Food Safety staff helps to prevent foodborne illness in Summit County through the following activities:
  • Inspecting, conducting plan reviews and issuing permits to retail food service establishments.
  • Testing/training food workers and issuing Food Worker cards.
  • Issuing temporary food service permits and inspecting food booths at fairs, festivals, and community events.
  • Investigating foodborne illness reports.
  • Providing community education on safe preparation of food.


Food Establishment Inspections

Food establishments that sell or serve food to the public must get a permit and be inspected by the Summit County Health Department. These establishments include restaurants, coffee shops delis, grocery stores, school kitchens, temporary events where food is sold and more.

The purpose of the inspection is to assure that the food is being handled properly from preparation through serving. Inspectors observe kitchen workers’ food handling practices, inspect refrigerators and storage areas, take food temperatures, assure correct use of sanitizers and handwashing practices. Any problem found is written up on an inspection report, and the manager is taught the correct procedure or method immediately.

To report a potential violation in food safety, call Leslie Freeman at 435-333-1510 or email at


Permanent Food Establishments and Restaurants

If you are planning to open your own Food Service Establishment there are applications and information you will need. The New Food Establishment Requirements and New Restaurant Information will explain the procedure and facilities needed for obtaining approval of your Food Service Establishment Permit in Summit County. To renew a Food Service Permit, you will need to fill out a Food Establishment Renewal Application.

For more information on current applications and procedures please call Leslie Freemen at 435-333-1510 or email to


Temporary Food Establishments

Temporary food establishments are those which serve food seasonally or intermittently or at events such as fairs, farmer’s markets, bake sales etc…

The Application for Temporary Food Service form and Application for Temporary Seasonal Food Service (this form is for multiple-day events of six days or more) form contains the information necessary for opening a food booth or other temporary food establishment in Summit County.

For more information on current applications and procedures please call Leslie Freemen at 435-333-1510 or email to


Temporary Mass Gatherings

Temporary Mass Gatherings are those where a large number of people (more that 500) are expected for an event. Whether or not there will be food served at the event, the Application for Mass Gathering must be filled out.

For more information on current applications and procedures please call Leslie Freemen at 435-333-1510 or email to

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